Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Collage Design

     Art & Craft students studied collage artists, such as local Denver artist Janice McDonald, and then applied design principles and compositional focus to their own collages.  Students were asked to collect images, textures, patterns and colors to incorporate in a cohesive design with careful detail to composition, balance and unity...all while applying good craftsmanship. 


 Art & Craft students worked collaboratively with plaster wrap to make casts of each others' faces.  After this fun process, students designed and built onto the mold to create a unique, symbolic reflection of themselves.  Through this process, students problem solved their designs and worked with mixed materials  to complete a well crafted final product.  


Monday, May 21, 2012

Achromatic Portraits

 Drawing & Painting students create achromatic portraits for their first acrylic painting.  The students applied what we have been focusing on for the year, VALUE & FORM, to their portraits.  The students enjoyed the challenge of working with acrylic paint!